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My Frames page, it replaces the old page, I will improve this place as time goes on......with things like news every now and then.... 

  T h a n k s   f o r   u r   s u p p o r t

News!!!!! August 5 2000 

I don't know what im doing now ;(   im thinking of completely remodeling this to make it look more professional, but it is just a game site (sorta) I don't know what im gonna do

News!!!!! July 22 2000

I did it I now can now start my thing with Nintendo (im not making sense will later) I finally can work on this place

News!!!!! July 7 2000

I know allot of u ppl want updates now I bring them to u ive been too busy with other stuff but now have the time and im going to replace the command and conquer with Nintendo stuff cause I just got EXCITEBIKE 64, there will be codes links pics and other tips  (most from Nintendo's online magazine [will be a link to it])

News!!!!! May 28 2000

Sorry bout not updating this page lately, I've been busy with another site. it can be found in the unreal tourny link. I've seen lots of u ppl come here and id like to say thanks. 

If you want some fun click here:         these are 2 good places to play games to pass time or if u r at school and the teacher is giving u a free class come to one of these places and play

at games domain go to online games and go to the castle , make a user name and play ( best game there cyber wars)             at free arcade me and my friends usually play javanoid......u will love it when u see it   it is a classic.

the command and conquer link will come down soon cause I don't play it often, It will be replaced with either Nintendo cheats/tricks/info, or another game      email me and tell me  and if other tell me another good game.


News!!!!! April 16 2000

About the boss skin in unreal tourny, I forgot some info if u go to it u will find it and u can set ur name instead of mine so it looks like u beat it.  not much news  ........ I got Ignifuge and im getting more money makers ,,, if u want some easy money  go here   also there u refer me so I make more

u can also refer ur friends after u r a member with me and u make money off them too,,  neat hun 

and by the way command and conquer that link only has links it wont be updated cause the game got old for me.......

News!!!!!  April 9 2000

Sorry I haven't been here, I had work to do,,, but im back now with some nice tips for Unreal Tourny. But first Pokémon Stadium, if u try the fun games on hard mode and on champion that's a challenge, so when it says Kid Zone, its just  not for kids....... I played one champion came in second ////tied for second (Score 5him----4me+com----3other). 

Now for u Unreal Fans..... If you are fighting someone and u both are going around in circles and u can never hit him,,, just aim your gun a few cm away from him and u should take him out before someone comes to frag u. also there is one DM level with a pressure cooker ,,,if someone is in there getting the rocket launcher or shield belt etc. just go to ether side of the "hut" and there should be a white square with a light on it,,, shoot that and instant death,,, kills them even if they have the belt and there's no way out,,, so don't get caught yourself or u will burn up.....            By the way check out the ut link it should be updated...

News!!!!!  March 18 2000

Pokémon stadium has many options (can be found in detail here or more in pokemon link) like the gym castle which has all leaders. that part works be u starting to fight Brock, In his gym (in all gyms) u first fight 3 jr trainers then fight the leader. if u win they give u a key to the next gym trainer. right now im on the 3rd gym. in the stadium option, there r 4 options which is pika, petit, prime, and another but forget name. in pika its small pokemon and low levels, in petit its higher levels and some newer ones, in prime (and the other forget the name of) it has 4 challenges, poke ball, great ball, ultra ball, and master ball modes. the higher level u go the harder it becomes.  in prime anything goes, (level 100) . the other on I think it was level 75 and most of them there. in any of the stadium modes u have to fight 8 trainers to win the cup. (its one for each badge).

Unreal Tourny, if u want to join a clan that's into it (like don't just wanna ply for fun) u have to practice to get in, because im really good in the game but when I went 1-1 with the recruiter it was hard.... I got creamed... I killed him once in death match when usually I kill at least 15....I wont say the clan because respect,, and I still want to join these ppl and next time I fight him I will win.... I just gota beat champion mode( so far I got 4-5 trophies) 

Firestorm, that game I haven't got time to ply it but its still good, the site I have it will be improved when I have a good week to do what I need to do... but those sites in there should help u out for what u need...


News!!!!!  March 14 2000

Now I bring u info on Unreal Tournament!!!! THIS IS WHAT U-VE BEEN WAITING FOR....This game it the best multiplayer game found. I found about it from friends,,, and am I glad because the game play (for u ppl who never played it) is extremely NICE!!! I would give this game a 9.4 ./10 because I like all the features in it but the bonus pack( u can find it at one of the links in unreal tourny) I CAN'T OPEN IT !!! and someone said to reinstall I don't want to because I am almost done the levels and don't wanna start over...... IF anyone knows how to open it without reinstalling it email me with the link at the bottom of this page....... If it works ill send u a ton of great skins (about 30-50 (some r monsters, superheroes, or just great look)) 


    News!!!!!   day one   March 12 2000

As we all know 2 big games are out which are Pokémon stadium, which came out march 8th and Firestorm, which came out march 9th. I have both of these games and I love them,,, and if ur into them get them!!!!!.... I don't care how.

Pokemon Stadium is overall (I give it) a 8.3 out of 10. It has a lot of great modes like pokemon stadium 'type of mode' lets u fight trainers with the level increasing as u beat each other.. one thing I hate in it is ur pokemon cannot evolve at any time ( unless playing game boy in the game boy tower mode) and another bad thing is u can't move all ur pokemon from ur game boy then make a new one (new game boy player) and use those pokemon...... each game boy has a id# which changes so if ur game boy is rested u cant get any pokemon that u saved on the 64 game EVER!!!!  so be careful what u save....

Firestorm is overall (I give it) a 8.0 out of 10. This game is good especially with the new units and now lets u save on skirmish levels!!!!!!!! that I like a lot because I like playing those levels more ,,,,,, u get more levels which r nice,,,,, and a movie per level (when pick a team) . one thing I hate is when u play a multiplayer it wont let u play using ip#,,, if they did that it would be much easier, especially if u have a cable modem and don't wanna use the phone line. the scenarios are ok a bit harder and some take a while,,,, I really hate when they give u a level that u don't get a base to work with or u have to find ur base , and usually when they r like that u get killed the first few times...

That's my news for the first day I will have more when I have time to write it.

Next time I will have news on Unreal Tourny


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