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Hi EvErYbOdY ,,.,.,, im back and im here to give u ppl NINTENDO below is a link to Nintendo's online magazines ,., take part in it , it gives tricks and every now and then a cheat or 2.                 click here to get ur online subscription


 Now for some parts from the July issue

Pokémon Fantasy League
We're sure you know all about the Pokémon Stadium game for N64, but did you know that is hosting an awesome Pokémon Fantasy League with great prizes for the best players? You get to pick your own Pokémon team, and then your team earns points based on how your Pokémon perform in battles conducted by Nintendo's own Master Trainers. If your team turns out to be a winner, you could win a $1,000 Pokémon Master shopping spree. To find out more and register your very own team, visit


Bomberman 64: The 2nd Attack
Recently, Bomberman's third title for Nintendo 64 landed on store shelves everywhere. This action-packed adventure game features an explosive single-player mode, as well as a frantic four-player feature that lives up to Bomberman's worldwide rep for rad multiplayer gaming. To ensure that your temper doesn't develop a short fuse, Nintendo Power Source has compiled a comprehensive strategy guide to see you through. Here's a taste:

Bomberman Game Tip: How to beat Rukifellth
In his first form, hit Rukifellth with 10 Ice Bombs whenever he stops. If you see him starting to power up, do your best to avoid him because one touch will mean instant defeat. When you force him to mutate into his second form, hit Rukifellth with Ice Bombs to freeze him, then nail him with a Lightning Bomb. After 13 direct hits, Rukifellth will fall.

Code of the Month
Excitebike 64

This month, we're stoked to deliver three new codes for Excitebike 64, printed here for the first time anywhere! To access the Cheat Menu, press and hold the L Button, C-Right and C-Down, then press the A Button while at the Main Menu. Once you've arrived at the Cheat Menu, enter the following letters to activate the codes:

PINHEAD - Gives the riders very small heads

YADAYADA - Activates Mirror Mode

MIDNIGHT - Activates Night Mode

here are some of my other 'codes'

Showoff - stunt bonus

Blahblah - big head mode

Invisrider - Invisible riders   <--my fav.


and here are some cheats for 2 really good 64 games

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
To enter these codes, enter any mode of play and pause the game. Hold the L Button, and enter the following button combinations using the Control Pad and the C Buttons (the words "Enter Cheat" will not appear):

Slow Motion - Down, Down, C-Up, C-Right, Left
Fast Motion - Right, Up, Down, Down, Up, Down
Add Restart Points - C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, Up, Down
Perfect Balance - C-Up, C-Right, Left, C-Right, Right, Up, Down
Fast Tricks - C-Up, Left, C-Down, C-Down, Up, Down, Right
Earn All Tapes - C-Right, Left, Up, C-Up, C-Up, Right, Down, Up
10x Trick Points - Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, C-Left

GoldenEye 007
At long last, push-button codes for Rare's first-person masterpiece have been discovered! You may have thought that this day would never come, but the codes are here, and the codes are real. In fact, there are so many GoldeneEye codes that we can't list them all here! Check out the invincibility code listed below, then visit the Official GoldenEye 007 Website for the complete list of all 43 codes.
Here is an example of how to enter these codes:

L Button + Down
R Button + C-Right
L Button + R Button + Down
To enter this code (which is an example only), hold the L Button, then press Down on the Control Pad. Release both buttons. Hold the R Button, then press C-Right. Release both buttons. Hold the L and R Buttons, then press Down on the Control Pad. Release all buttons.

L Button + Down
R Button + C-Right
R Button + C-Up
L Button + Right
L Button + C-Down
R Button + C-Up
L Button + Right
R Button + Down
L Button + Left
L Button + R Button + C-Right