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                 To Scyther 75's  Page !!!!!    


This Pokémon site it will have links to favorite places and other nice hits ...... about snap .... or game boy versions .....  stadium !!!,,,...

My six  favorite Pokémon R -->>    

 Electabuzz                              Gyarados                              Magmar


   Scyther                                   Haunter                               Pidgeot


I have tons of pics to go so stay and look ,,,,, pic section UP

Well here we go..........

Some links for now,  tips and info up later...


Those R some links  will have much more later  ,,,my email is up, send me ur link and ill make a page out of links  just make a link to this place  ..  thanks  (email is on mail page, so  just click go back to main page to get it )


So I hear u want  POKÉMON PICS !!!!!!!!

Well here is the right place to be---click the pic below to get more cool PICS

This IS MY ---- LOOK DOWN 




Stadium IS OUT!!!!!!!!--if u want some info be4 u buy it click-here ......but its Pokémon why wouldn't u get it?